The Center for Sustainable Palm Oil Studies (CSPO)

We aggregate, in real time, the most credible news reports, studies and analysis around sustainable palm oil and related topics including environmental and animal protection, biofuels, consumer goods, policymaking and finding sustainable solutions, both environmentally and economically.

Our goal is to start a conversation about the need to better understand the prospects of using sustainable palm oil. We produce quarterly policy research reports focusing on global political and economic developments pertaining to sustainable palm oil as well as special analysis briefs reviewing monthly developments in the palm oil sector.

At CSPO we anticipate trends and analyse policy questions related to sustainable palm oil well before they become topics of general discussion. Our analysts and experts perform policy research on a wide range of issues closely related to palm oil production including deforestation, international trade, consumer rights, energy and climate.

CSPO Documentary

Forgotten Farmers – How Malaysia in Changing Perceptions Around Sustainable Palm Oil

The CSPO partnered with leading environmentalists to explore the wider implications of the EU’s palm oil ban. Whilst boycotting palm oil has become a go-to response for reducing deforestation, studies have shown how this strategy has devastating environmental consequences.

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CSPO Report

Sustainability First: The Role of Sustainable Palm Oil In Global Food Security and Deforestation Efforts 

(April 12, 2021) This report reviews major palm oil-related developments of 2020, historical trends in sustainable palm oil cultivation, as well as how perceptions of palm oil are evolving among European policymakers, scientists, and the wider academic and NGO community.

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The Center for Sustainable Palm Oil Studies (CSPO)

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The Center for Sustainable Palm Oil Studies (CSPO)